Inserting pipes

Adding new pipes to the hydraulic model is a simple task and does not require the existence of nodes to be accomplished. The option “Insert Pipes” should be activated to start adding pipes to the model. This option is located in the section “Model Edition” of the main menu. Once this option has been activated, the following rules will apply to insert pipes in the model::

  • If you click on an existing node the new pipe will be directly connected to that node and you can move the mouse to the next point you want to include as part of the pipe.
  • If there is no node and no pipe at the point where you click then a new node will be inserted at that point and it will be automatically connected to the new added pipe.
  • If you click on top of an existing pipe, a new node will be first inserted in the pipe (dividing it in two pipes) and the new added pipe will be connected to the new inserted node.
  • By keeping the key “Control” pressed, pipe vertices (for the added pipe) can be introduced by just clicking on the desired point in the map.
  • To stop inserting pipes you need to click on ESC. Note that in this case the function of “inserting pipes” will not be deactivated but you can move the mouse across the map without adding new pipes. If you click anywhere on the map, new pipes can be inserted once again.
  • Clicking ESC two times will stop the current pipe from being inserted and it will also deactivate the function of “inserting pipes”. The selection function will be then activated automatically. From the section “Model Edition” of the main menu you can activate again the insertion of pipes at any time.