Elements disconnected from water sources

Errors during model creation can lead to nodes and pipes disconnected from the water sources. These elements would never be supplied with water in the model and that is why it is essential to identify them before running any hydraulic simulation of the network. A manual identification of these elements is difficult even for relatively small networks. That is why WATERing includes a function to mark all elements disconnected from water sources automatically on the map.
The function to identify disconnections from sources can be found at the section “Model Analysis” of the main menu. By clicking this option all elements totally disconnected from water sources. will be marked by a darker shade.

From a table view it is possible to view details of all those elements disconnected from water sources. These elements will have a value equal -2 in the column “SECTOR”. By sorting or filtering the table, you can get all elements having the -2 in the column “SECTOR”, which represent the disconnections from the water sources.