Inserting nodes

There are 5 different types of nodes in WATEring. The process described below is valid for all 5 types. From the section “Model Edition” of the main menu the corresponding function to insert nodes of any of the available types can be activated in the software::

  • Demand node
  • Tanks
  • Reservoirs
  • Valves
  • Pumps

With a click on the buttons to insert nodes, their functionality will be activated and you will be able to insert nodes after every click on the map. The following rules apply to the process of adding nodes: :

  • A new node will be inserted at the clicked point when the place selected on the map has neither nodes nor pipes. The node type corresponds to the insert functionality currently active.
  • If you click on an existing node, then the node will be substituted by the new node (The node type corresponds to the insert functionality currently active). Pipes connected to the substituted node will be automatically reconnected to the new node.
  • Clicking on a pipe will insert a new node dividing the clicked pipe in two pipes. The resulting two pipes will be connected to the inserted node automatically (The node type corresponds to the currently active insert functionality).