Repetition and other difficulties associated to the names assigned to model elements

Some algorithms are able to identify network elements using their name. This is also the case of EPANET. Though this function can be of advantage, it leads to a problem whenever more than one element is using the same name. In order to avoid name repetition you can use the function “Check Model” appearing in the section “Model Edition” of the main menu. This function will identify elements with repeated names and will start adding a numeric index at the end of the name. The index will be increased until getting different values for each of the element names. Note, that when using EPANET the length of the name should not exceed 31 characters. The function “Check Model” can also sort out names, which exceed the character length limit. These names are then going to be cut to the permissible length of 31 characters. The original full name will be added to the description field in order to track back elements to their original names. In case, there is a repeated name after the cutting process, WATERing will apply the same process of putting an index at the end of the name in order to differentiate names in the model. Whenever necessary, more characters of the original name will be eliminated in order to have a unique name and at the same time not to exceed 31 characters.