Running a hydraulic analysis

Once a simulator has been selected and configured you are ready to run the hydraulic analysis of the network using the option “Start Simulation” to be found in the section “Model Analysis” from the main menu. Note, that it is possible to run the simulation directly without going through any configuration. In this case, the default values of the application (the current version uses the EPANET 2.2 toolkit as default for the hydraulic simulator) will be used. This is only to recommend, if you are aware of the simulator selected and the characteristics given by default. Simulations can be stopped at any time by clicking on the button “Stop Simulation” appearing in the “Model Analysis” section of the main menu. At the top right part of the network map the simulation time is shown while executing calculations. After calculations are completed, “Simulation Results” will be shown as well as the current simulation time at the top right of the network map. It is possible to look at results step by step using the corresponding buttons available at the “Model Analysis” section of the main menu.

  • “To Start Time”
  • “Back Step Simulation”
  • “Next Step Simulation”
  • “To End Time”.

When any of the buttons mentioned above is clicked, the network map will be updated to show the simulation results corresponding to the selected simulation time. The map will be showing colors depending on the color configuration established at each of the layers of the map.