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The current portal watering.Online is specifically focused on supporting applications for smarter water network operation and management. Water professionals are empowered here to expand their skills through the use of digitalization, computer programming and techniques for data analysis.

Services presented in this portal has been developed by  Ingeniousware GmbH. Despite the references to the software EPANET, this portal has no direct relation with the EPA or with the original developments of EPANET.

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Brauerstraße 3a,
76137 Karlsruhe, Germany

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Consulting in Hydraulic Engineering


Customized Software Development


Online courses for water professionals



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We deeply understand hydraulic engineering and we get the job done with a strong background on math and computer science.

Our Mission


Empower the engineering skills of water profesionals and the utility business with digital technologies

Our Visions


A smarter operation of utilities to provide sustainable water access/sanitation to everybody all over the world

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Bruno Brentan
University of Minas Gerais
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Ingeniousware GmbH