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Hydraulic Engineering Projects

Creation of a hydraulic network model based on GIS information or any other data source. Optimal placement and an ideal number of sensors for leak detection and/or sensors for water quality analysis. Online network monitoring.

Software support and consulting

We can offer your company a yearly package including software updates, installation and training on the use of software and hydraulic engineering support for specific application cases you need to solve.

Customized Software Development

You set the requirements and we make IT happen. Rather than creating something new from scratch we manage to adapt and utilize. Furthermore, we couple your tools with a new customized software development  adjusted to your your needs.  

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Our answer

There are many IT companies and teams proficient  in writing  good software. How many of these companies can adhere to your requirements instantly by taking into account an engineering  perspective rather than assuming  a purely informatics mind-set. Additionally, beyond the application of existing methods, we add advanced mathematics and data analytics expertise that qualifies us to develop novel solutions.

      • Our strong background in engineering allows us to understand your requirements before implementing any software solution.
      • We have substantial experience creating software solutions from the architecture to deployment.
      • More than applying known methods or using existing libraries for optimization and data analytics we can also develop unique methods specifically designed for solving your problem. We provide existing methods created by us and visual components that we have license to distribute.

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Frequently asked questions(FAQ)



Yes. We have  affordable prices and we select the most convenient solution depending on the size of the companies and their goals.

It will depend on the system you have but it is basically possible in most of the cases. We have experience using different technologies and getting adapted to them in order to expand their capabilities with new developments. 

Of course, it will be a pleasure to share our experience with your team and work together for creating the software your company needs.