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This course is intended for hydraulic engineers and students wanting to add computer programming to their professional skills in the area of water distribution system analysis. The EPANET toolkit will be used for running hydraulic models programmatically in c# language. The capabilities of the EPANET toolkit will be explored in the course both from the hydraulic meaning as well as from the programming perspective. For results and data visualization it will be used the user interface of WATERing: an extensible software that includes map visualizations and has a direct connection with the EPANET Toolkit.

Most of the preparation of the course was done in Visual Studio 2019 professional edition, but it can be perfectly followed using the free Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition or the free Visual Studio Code. Despite C# is the language used, users preferring other languages such as VB.Net or any other .Net language can use the functionalities herein explained without further effort. 

Several ready-to-use examples accompany this course. They include both source code and EPANET (.inp) files. The students of this course will receive a one year license of WATERing professional edition and one year access to content update as well as all the source code and network examples relevant to this course. There will be a final project to evaluate the course. Students finishing the final project successfully will receive a recognition diploma from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brasil.


  • Run hydraulic/quality simulations using the EPANET toolkit from c#
  • Retrieve results programmatically from the EPANET toolkit
  • Modify the water network model during runtime
  • Create WATERing plugins to visualize calculation results programmatically
  • Manage data, simulations and optimization from your own plugins
  • Develop customized online simulations of water networks