1.0 Workshop introduction

This first workshop is aimed to build up your skills on creating a simple hydraulic network model. Here you will find all the necessary data to create the model and an image of how the network should look like at the end. To complete the workshop, you can use EPANET, WATERIng or any other software able to run hydraulic network simulations

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to run the hydraulic analysis of the created network model. Afterwards you ought to complete an online quiz. There you will be required to introduce some of the results obtained from the hydraulic analysis to check that everything was working as expected. Finally, this part of your training is going to be completed with a short presentation from your side to one of our course instructors in case you are interested in evaluating yourself and on earning the maximum possible training points. After your presentation the instructor will be providing feedback, asking questions and offering additional recommendations on how you can improve your skills further.

Let’s start! Happy learning!