1.6 Assign demand patterns to nodes

Each node with a time varying demand being modelled, should have a demand pattern assigned. The following table shows the nodes and  a corresponding pattern for the model we are creating in this workshop.

Node ID Pattern
Junc 2 Demand Pattern Res
Junc 3 Demand Pattern Res
Junc 4 Demand Pattern Res
Junc 6 Demand Pattern Com
Junc 7 Demand Pattern Com
Junc 8 Demand Pattern Com
Junc 9 Demand Pattern Ind
Junc 10 Demand Pattern Res
Junc 11 Demand Pattern Res
Junc 12 Demand Pattern Res
Table 1.6.1: Nodes demand patterns

The demand pattern can be assigned to a node through the property grid. The pattern ID should be inserted in the “Demand Pattern” field. This process needs to be repeated for all nodes with a demand pattern  by assigning the corresponding pattern to each node.