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We are in the midst of a digitalization era, which impacts the operation and management of the water distribution industry among others. In this context, the idea of using the digital twins concept has been gaining ground rapidly, but its implementation in practice is not following at the same speed. To help with digitalization in the water distribution systems sector, we propose pilot projects to make digital twins a reality for any water distribution company. We have the tools meaning the hardware, the software and the engineering know-how to aid utilities with their digitization process. Our Solutions are client oriented and customized depending on the needs and size of your utility. A gateway to install one water meter with data communication capabilities will be provided for free as well as the software license and its configuration to run online monitoring. Utilities will be able to connect to our monitoring software and combine it with measurements derived from their own metering devices. Our gateways can also be used by the utilities to connect to our online platform other available water meters (pulse, M-bus, modbus) or water quality sensors (4/20mA, Modbus) Additional services are available on demand. We can as an example suggest optimal locations to place the gateways. If required, we can also create and/or review a hydraulic network model for you, that then will be collecting the online sensor data.

Partnering Utilities on their way to Digitalization

Let's turn the benefits of Digital Twins into reality !

As a first step, for utilities interested in a pilot project with us, we are going to organize a meeting to define the scope of the project and the collaboration requirements for all parties.
The topics below should be considered in the meeting in order to be able to reach an agreement between the participating parties:   

Meeting for project preparation

Meeting to introduce the project and defining its scope in terms of:

  • Time (recommended 6 months)
  • Utility needs and expectations
  • Our contribution 
  • Project activities to be included
  • Agreement to share information and project publications (use case dependent).

Based on the results of the meeting an agreement will be  prepared and sent to the utility within  approximately 48 hours. After the agreement is signed, the project can be officially started.


Activities to consider as part of the projects

  • Gateway NB-IoT: connectivity check, device delivery. 
  • Support for Gateway installation in the network and data transmission configuration
  • Server-side configuration of the sensor for data management
  • Delivery of software and its installation
  • Training on the use of the software
  • Creation/Review of the hydraulic network model that is going to be used
  • Optimization of the number of sensors and the best places to install them: method, software and execution.
  • Connecting sensor data to hydraulic network simulations
  • Calibrating models and configuring network monitoring
  • Review of project results, expectations fulfillment and next steps.

Finance and services 

  • One NB-IoT gateway with data transmission capabilities is provided at no cost during the period of the project. During the project, the utility can acquire more gateways with 20%-30% discount, if at least 10 gateways are acquired then the utility can keep the first gateway for free. If the gateway installed is not acquired by the utility, then it should be returned to us in a good working state. 
  • All software licenses required are provided for free during the period of the pilot project.  The cost of the software licenses (if any) after the completion of the  pilot project can be defined in advance in the project agreement document. 
  • In the project agreement ,it can be defined in advance,Training and consultancy on the use of the software are included at no cost during the period of the project.
  • Fixed prices can be defined in advance for any additional engineering services on demand during the period of the project and after the project to guarantee continuous support.
  • Prices for additional sensors in the scope of the project could be defined as part of the agreement.

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Utilities proposals and ideas are very welcome in our pilot projects. Solutions are utility oriented without exceptions. Technical and commercial aspects related to sensors, communications and sensor data management in the cloud will be covered by Datakorum S.L.. Aspects related to software for water network monitoring, customizations and engineering services on demand will be covered by Ingeniousware GmbH.