Transient analysis in water networks is a complex topic that requires the numeric solution of a partial derivative equation system that cannot be solved analytically. DIGASTing is a software for transient analysis developed to solve this task in a water network. Pipelines, looped or branched networks require to be checked regarding their protection against possible transient phenomenon. Transients can be originated by closing or opening a valve “too fast”, by a pumping station stopping suddenly due to electricity failure or by just a main pipe that breaks among other things. Depending on the magnitude of the transient, the waves of overpressure / sub pressure originated can cause significant damage on the network infrastructure, streets and can put in danger human lives. A water network can be tested using Diagasting to evaluate the consequences of the transients that could potentially be originated as well as the solution that could be used to avoid/reduce damages.

You can download the installation of DiagastIng from here. You should run the installation and follow the steps indicated there.

Once the application has been installed a community edition license is directly activated. This version does not require any additional license file but it will work only for models with no more than 6 pipes. In order to work with more than 6 pipes it is necessary to have at least a professional license.  The first time DIAGASTing is executed you will see something similar than the image shown next. As you will see, it is possible to activate a license directly online when you own a user name and a password associated to a DIAGASTing license or subscription:

A message will appear notification if you already have a license or not. In case you dont have a license it will be shown a new window to enter your credentials and receive your license.

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