New technologies are not optional anymore, and we are making them accessible to any water utility. If you are thinking about investing in digitalization and network monitoring to reduce operational cost, this is the right time to do it. If you are thinking about partnering with specialists during your digitalization process then contact us.   But what would be the best way to achieve a digital transformation in practice? Something radical, faster, slower, implemented by yourself, fully outsourced? Our approach is to partner with utilities on scoping solutions according to their needs as well as introducing technologies progressively. For your advantage, we are able to contribute sensors, data communication, software for water network monitoring and engineering services on demand. The idea is not to replace your technology completely but rather to start integrating new technologies and implementing the needed customization or/and connecting interfaces whenever necessary. This is a process and not a one-solution-fit-all method. That is why a strong collaboration with the utility is necessary at every step of the digital transformation. Our collaboration should be much closer to a technology transfer process than to a provider client approach. To make it happen, digital transformation should not only be introduced at the technological level, but also at the level of the professionals working at your company. Therefore, we are very engaged to provide training on the use of the technology as part of the proposed pilot project.

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